Buy a Brick!

Back by popular demand!

Buying a custom-engraved brick helps you become a part of our history, and paves the way for our future!

4x8" brick $50.00
8x8" brick $100.00

Join the supporters who have already purchased bricks that can be seen in our landscape patio!  This is the third offer, back by popular demand, to leave a legacy and support our mission.  Proceeds of purchase will help us continue to meet the growing demands of an elderly animal population, new construction, and future upgrades and expansions as needed.  


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Brick patio at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Engraved brick pavers are often purchased as a gift; in memory of a family member, friend, or pet; to commemmorate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement; or for anyone or any occasion worthy of remembering! Businesses may choose to add a brick as a form of advertisement, to express their support of our charitable mission to provide animals refuge for the REST of their lives!

Engraved bricks help pave the way to the future!


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