Moluccan Cockatoo

The Moluccan cockatoo, also known as a Serman or salmon-crested cockatoo, is the largest of the "white" cockatoos.

This beautiful bird is found only in the island chain of Indonesia known as the Moluccas, Maluku, or Spice Islands, and no where else naturally in the world. 

Moluccan cockatoos are critically endangered due to trapping and illegal exportation.  Also bred in captivity for the pet trade, Moluccan cockatoos can cost as much as $3,000 US.  While Moluccan cockatoos are not often "biters" they do require a great deal of space and attention in order to be content.  When not content they are very loud and often will turn to plucking their own feathers.  Because they are now so critically endangered it is illegal in some parts of the world to buy or sell this species without the proper Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species (CITES) paperwork.

Moluccan cockatoos, like "Peaches" can live a very long time.  The longest-lived captive Moluccan cockatoo on record lived 125 years.  Unfortunately for most birds purchased as pets, they wind up being moved from home to home because they are too noisy, messy, and destructive for most families to endure.  A large number, like Peaches, end up in sanctuaries.

InfoBox - Moluccan Cockatoo

Status:  Vulnerable.

Diet in wild:  Fruit, seeds, nuts, and insects.

Life span in wild:  up to 65 years.

Weight:  up to about 1.5 pounds.

Native habitat:  Moluccas islands of eastern Indonesia.