Senegal Parrot

"Augie" is a Senegal parrot.  Senegal parrots are one of the most popular parrots to be kept as pets.  Those that are wild-caught, however, do not usually tame and do not make good pets.  These birds have high pitched whistles and squawls, but are not as noisy as some larger parrots.  Even so, like all caged birds, they require a great deal of time, attention and enrichment, as well as space to live comfortably.

Augie was adopted by a local zoo and was one of several animals used for education.  He's a "biter" though, so was ultimately relocated a private home.  Though his new caregiver took very good care of him, the bird was too noisy and was adopted by Black Pine where, in his forever home, he can scream all he wants!

Senegal parrots will live 25 to 30 years and the wild, and beyond in captivity.  None has been known to live past 50 years.

InfoBox - Senegal Parrot

Status:  Endangered due to the exotic pet trade.

Diet in wild:  Not fully known, but likely seeds, buds, grain, and fruit.

Life span in wild:  25 to 30 years.

Weight:  4 ounces. 

Native habitat:  From Senegal and Gambia to Guinea and southern Mali in Africa.