"Mae", a baboon, is a retired circus performer.

Known for their elongated, dog-like snouts, baboons can be very dangerous monkeys.

These mid-size primates live in various part of Asia and Africa. With long canine teeth, they can protect themselves very well from other predators. Surprisingly, that sometimes can be a chimpanzee. Chimps have been known to capture and kill small baboons for food.

Baboons live in groups. Like other primates, they are very social and can often be found grooming on another. Grooming is a very intimate way for baboons to express their acceptance of each other. They use their long, thin fingers to feel for small bugs or dirt that may be clinging to their hair. When they find something, they will use their smaller front teeth as a comb to remove it.

Baboons eat all sorts of leafy plants, berries, nuts, and small insects. At Black Pine, Mae enjoys a wide variety of fresh fruits, such as bananas, grapes, and melon, along with various vegetables like lettuce and carrots. She also gets an occasional treat, such as a frozen popsicle in the warm summer months.

InfoBox - Baboon

Status:  Good.

Diet in wild:  Plants, insects, and small animals.

Life span in wild:  30 to 40 years.

Weight:  Males 50 to 100 pounds; females 50 to 80 pounds.

Native habitat:  Plains of Africa.

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