Rhesus Macaque

This is "Hanna" (at left), a female Rhesus Macaque. This species of primate is native to Asia and India.

An "old world" monkey, the Rhesus Macaque sports food pouches in its mouth where it can store a meal, which it will eat upon reaching safety in the treetops.

These very social monkeys live in groups in the wild and conform to a rather strict hierarchy where males are dominant. Though very cute when young, within just a few years these relatively small creatures can become very aggressive and can inflict dangerous bite wounds.

Most commonly used in medical research, the Rhesus Macaque is often seen in captivity, but

They enjoy summer outdoors, and Yoda especially likes watching television and movies while indoors, when he will sit upright and suck his thumb while engrossed in the images and sounds on the tube! makes a very undesirable pet due to an inquisitive, often destructive nature.  They have, though, provided some of the most important medical discoveries of all primates, including the Rh factor in blood (from the Rh in Rhesus!).

Hanna used to be someone's pet, and she is joined at Black Pine by another Rhesus Macaque monkey named "Yoda" (at right).  Yoda was also bred to be sold as a pet, but found refuge at Black Pine.


InfoBox - Rhesus Macaque

Status:  Good.

Diet in wild:  Mostly plant materials and insects.

Life span in wild:  20 to 40 years.

Weight:  Males 20 to 30 pounds; females up to 25 pounds.

Native habitat:  Southeastern Asian countries.

You say you want a monkey??