It's true. These little critters will eat just about everything they come into contact with!  Those pictured are African pygmy goats.

Goats have lived at Black Pine for many years and have been enjoyed by young visitors.  Today, all in residence are elderly.

Goats have been domesticated for centuries and raised as field stock throughout American farms. Many a child has made their 4-H project handling goats. There are dozens of breeds of goats throughout the world today, and many have made their way to our continent.

Black Pine's goats reside in an area of the sanctuary dedicated to grazing animals, where they share their home with fallow deer, potbelly pigs, llamas, donkeys, and large birds.


InfoBox - Goats

Status:  Domesticated.

Diet in wild:  Mainly grasses and herbs.

Life span in wild:  15 to 18 years.

Weight:  From 40 to 80 pounds.