Miniature Horse

"Minnie" is a miniature horse that suffers dwarfism, meaning she an 'incorrect conformation' of limbs.  Though dwarfism in miniature horses has created some world-record holders for "smallest" equine, the genetic defect often results in undesirable traits.  Minnie could never be bred because she is not large enough in stature to actually carry, or give birth, to offspring.

Standing at a height of about 2.5 feet high, Minnie is, despite her abnormalities, a real favorite among Black Pine's visitors.  This sweet, tiny horse loves people and enjoys the company of the other animals in the grazing area of the sanctuary.

Minnie came to Black Pine from a miniature horse breeder.  Dwarfism is a characteristic that occurs in about one of every 14 miniature horse births, but is not accepted by most registries.  Prior to Minnie joining the population of Black Pine's animal residents, she was thoroughly checked by veterinarians at Purdue University.  After a clean bill of health with note of an expected normal lifespan of up to 30 years, she joined the menagerie in the field at the sanctuary.