Donation Wish List

Wish List donations are critical!

We gladly accept, and rely on donations of the following items to help reduce out-of-pocket operating costs.  Thanks!

"Wish List" updated July 25, 2014

Fruit (preferably melons, apples, oranges, pears, nectarines, and/or berries)
Copier paper
water softener salt
grocery gift cards
fuel gift cards
toilet paper
shrub rakes (plastic, small head)
floor scrub brushes
frozen beef, venison, poultry
farm-style broad/flat-end shovels

Additional items at  Reference "Black Pine Animal Sanctuary":





Other "Wishes"

Food is always welcomed!  In addition to items listed on our "wish list", Black Pine also accepts frozen meat (venison, beef, poultry, pork) so long as it has remained well-wrapped, is not freezer burned or otherwise dried out, is no more than 3 years old, and is not cooked, smoked, or seasoned.

In addition Black Pine utilizes whitetail deer carcasses for feed for the cats.  Though the sanctuary is often notified by dispatchers of deer available for pickup following vehicular accidents, private citizens are encouraged to call if witness to a deer carcass that appears to be intact and has not been deceased for more than 8-10 hours. Carcasses that have suffered severe damage or begun to decay are not suitable for feed and will not be picked up or accepted at Black Pine. Hunters who, for one reason or another, have carcasses or cuts of meat (not bones) that will not be used for human consumption are also invited to donate for the animals.

Black Pine staff may be reached by phone, or voicemail, at (260) 636-7383 at any time, including nights and weekends. Any messages left regarding deer should include a specific physical address and general driving directions to help locate the animal. Black Pine will consider picking up carcasses within a radius of about 20 miles from the sanctuary. Deliveries of carcasses are also accepted and appreciated. Call the sanctuary for more information.

Animal Enrichment

Our never-ending list of ideas for animal enrichment projects provides you the chance to play a part in making the animals lives fulfilling and fun!  Many of the enrichment items may be purchased at Sanctuary Supplies.  We have a wish list there, but the following are items we would especially love to have for our residents:


People Like to Have Fun, Too!

We also hope to enhance the environment for our visitors, and are in need of the following materials:

Concessions equipment
Outdoor benches or other seating
Strollers & wagons
Permission to post directional signs on property around Noble County

If you can help, please call us to discuss the possibilities!

2013 Holiday Giving Guide is here!

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Call us to discuss your ideas and questions!

(260) 636-7383