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Field trip programs are intended for area schools and other traditional educational institutions seeking to satisfy various Indiana Academic Standards requirements.  These programs are generally available by appointment during late April, May, September and October, weather and staff permitting.

Those wishing to book a group visit during the summer season may explore our Sanctuary Tour options, including tours scheduled on weekends in May, September and October, as well as daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Grade Program

Fee each under 30 people

Fee each over 30 people Fee each adult chaperon Fee each teacher or drive
Pre-K thru 1st Grade Respect for All Creatures** $4.50* $4.00* $5.00* Free
2nd Grade Wild World of Animals** $4.50* $4.00* $5.00* Free
3rd Grade Exotic & Endangered** $4.50* $4.00* $5.00* Free
4th Grade The Diversity of Life** $4.50* $4.00* $5.00* Free
5th Grade & Up Lions, Tigers & Bears, Black Pine! $5.00* $4.50* $5.50* Free
Any Age Private Tour*** $20.00 N/A $20.00 $20.00
* Minimum fee per appointment is $50.00.
** Minimum of one adult chaperon for every 10 students required to attend.
*** Maximum of 12 people per appointment.  Minimum $50.00 fee per appointment.


Steps for field trip planners:

  1. Please note, we can accommodate a maximum of 75 people per tour group, including children, teachers, and adult chaperones.  If you have more than 75 total planning to visit us, please consider booking two "back to back" tour times (10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., for example).  There are a number of other options and attractions nearby that may offer the opportunity to visit two sites in one day!  Black Pine recommends the following:

  2. Choose a program.
  3. Choose your first and second choice of dates to visit.  Please note, we can only accommodate one tour booking per morning and one booking per afternoon each day.
  4. Decide when your group will be ready to start their tour.  Please consider driving time, time to unload from vehicles, time to use restrooms before tour, etc.  Due to very tight schedules at the sanctuary, late arrivals may result in shortened tours to stay on schedule with 'end times'.  We will accommodate tour start times from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., and from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.  (Our dedicated volunteers and other staff members also need to tend to animals, and a much-needed lunch break is appreciated!)  Please select a start time within those ranges.  Most programs will run between 60 and 90 minutes.
  5. Determine approximately how many students, teachers, and adult chaperons will attend.  Program fees will vary based on number of students in attendance.  Teachers are admitted free, however adult chaperons are charged admission as stated for each program.
  6. Decide if your group will use the covered pavilion and picnic tables for carry-in snacks or lunch.  This must be noted in advance due to limited availability.  There is no charge to use these facilities, however you are responsible for clean-up.
  7. Complete the online reservation form and submit!  

    Thank you!

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Field Trip Planning Hints

We offer the following planning "hints" to help ensure your visit goes smoothly...

Arrive on time! Arriving late will take time off your program in order that we maintain animal care schedules.

Have payment ready! Assign one responsible adult from your group to check in with your tour guide and settle up program fees.  Cash, MasterCard or Visa are accepted.  Sorry, no invoices.



Supervise "your" kids! Our staff's role is to guide your program, offer knowledge, and above all else, ensure the comfort and well-being of the animals at all times.

Dress appropriately! Program take place mostly outdoors.  No open toe shoes, neon colors, toys, plush animals, or pets allowed.

...and please note:

In the case of rain or other inclement weather, Black Pine reserves the right to cancel your scheduled program, both to protect and respect the comfort of our animals, as well as our staff and your group. In the event of continuous showers, thunder and lightening, high winds, or unseasonably cold or hot temperatures, your tour may be subject to cancellation or postponement to a previously arranged "rain date".  For best chance of a postponement, set up a "rain date" at time of booking.  Schedules fill up fast! 

If you are registering a group of more than 75 students, we will attempt to split them into two groups.  Please note our request that you provide at least one adult chaperone for every ten students. Large groups are not ideal for Black Pine's programs, however we will do our best, and ask you to assist, with efforts to keep large groups organized and moving quietly throughout the compound.

Thank you!