Umbrella Cockatoo

The white cockatoo, also known as an umbrella cockatoo, is found naturally only in several islands near, and in Indonesia.  It's large crest has a semicircular shape which lends to the nickname "umbrella".  The bird will exhibit the crest when excited or frightened.  Though mostly white, the bird does have yellow in the flight feathers and wings.

These birds are common in the pet trade, and "Sadie", Black Pine's resident umbrella cockatoo was a pet

before being given permanent refuge.  Her owners became parents, and the challenge of keeping both a newborn infant and a very need bird both satisfied proved impossible!  When a cockatoo isn't the center of attention, it will scream and squawk indefinitely to seek attention.

Cockatoos are also noisier than many parrots and don't 'transfer' well from one owner to another, which can lead to behavioral issues.  If stressed they are likely to begin plucking their own feathers, a habit that is nearly impossible to stop.  The umbrella cockatoo is considered "vulnerable" in the wild due to the continued removal from native habitats to satisfy the pet trade.  Some refer to these beautiful birds as "velcro birds" because they like to cuddle.  Most parrots don't like to cuddle.  They can imitate human speech, but are not considered the best talkers among pet parrots.

InfoBox - Umbrella Cockatoo

Status:  Vulnerable.

Diet in wild:  Fruit, seeds, nuts, and insects.

Life span in wild:  up to 75 years.

Weight:  up to about a pound.

Native habitat:  Indonesia.