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Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is a place of refuge for 100 exotic animals representing over 55 species.  We do not breed, buy, sell, or trade animals.  We do not expect or require animals to do anything they don't choose to do.  We do not offer playgrounds, overly decorative exhibits, food concessions, or acres of gardens.  Rather, our focus is on providing excellent care to animals that have been confiscated, surrendered, abandoned, or taken in after a life of performing.

As a "true" sanctuary, we are among only a handful that are open to the public.  In order to provide this rare opportunity to tour and observe the animals living here, we must insist that all visitors understand and respect our efforts to maintain a quiet, peaceful setting in which the animals feel safe and comfortable.  As such, we do not allow running, yelling, taunting, teasing, climbing up on fences, mimicking animal behaviors, or other disruptive or annoying behavior of any sort.  All visitors must observe quietly and act respectfully at all times.

Visitors will be escorted or monitored at all times.

Staff-Guided Tours offer the best opportunity to see the most animals.  Led most often by animal keepers, the residents will be more responsive when in their presence than if you were to tour "on your own".  Your tour guide will share many personal stories, biographies, bio-facts, and anecdotes about the individuals who reside here, as well as answer your questions during the tour.  Staff-Guided Tours generally last about 90 minutes.

The reason we are open to the public is to accomplish our mission to educate people about why these animals need refuge for the REST of their lives.

The proceeds of all of our visitor programs, as well as the sales of souvenirs and other merchandise, special event fundraising activities, and donations, provide the operating funds needed to provide care to the animals.

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