How to Help

One aspect of Black Pine's mission is to educate.  One way you can help is to become informed!  The more we all know about the exotic pet trade, laws (or lack of) in our own towns and states, and how to behave around animals, the better for us all.

You can help Black Pine and the animals by:


Buy a Custom-Engraved Brick - Leave a Legacy!


Purchase gallon or half-gallons of Prairie Farms brand white or flavored milk.  Peel the sticker on the cap to reveal a code.  Enter that code at and select "Black Pine Animal Sanctuary" from the drop-down list of charities.  We will receive 5 cents for every cap code entered!

Selling on eBay:

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary (PARC, Inc.)


Becoming a Park Pal Member


Take Action!

Get involved! Take action now by telling legislators to support these bills:

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