Private Tours

Private Tours are offered routinely during the "off season" after Labor Day.  Private Tours are restricted to ages 10 and up for safety reasons.  These tours are designed to offer the opportunity to explore the entire facility when weather may not permit the animals to be visible during general visitation.  These intimate tours also offer an "in-depth" look at our mission not possible with larger tour groups.  Most often, private tours are guided by a paid staff member, senior animal caregiver, and/or a member of the organization's Board of Directors. Participants will tour behind the scenes, into keeper areas as needed to see animals, and will have an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about how we do what we do for over 100 surrendered, confiscated, and retired animals!

Please check our tour calendar before booking. If guided Sanctuary Tours are already scheduled (as they are weekends in September and October), due to limited resources, we will likely ask that you plan to attend one of those previously scheduled tours or book your appointment at another time.  You may call us any time at (260) 636-7383, or use the form below to request a Private Tour by appointment.


Thank you!

Private Tour Fees

$20 per person.

Minimum $50.00 fee per tour appointment.

Some restrictions may apply!

Cash and checks also accepted.