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Shop the Wolf Den Gifts & Things at Black Pine!  Open any time we are offering "General Visitation".  No purchase is required (no tour admission necessary) to stop in and shop our expanded selection of apparel, gifts, home decor, jewelry, plush toys and more!  Enjoy a selection of Fair Trade products that place the needs of animals and the environment above those of people and profits!  Every purchase supports the animals at Black Pine, and many product purchases help endangered wildlife and native habitats.

Enjoy free Wi-Fi, too, and take a seat at one of our cafe tables to enjoy a quick carry-in lunch.  Road warriors are welcomed.

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Black Pine Animal Sanctuary (PARC, Inc.)

$15.00 +S&H

Tim Harrison has been called to remove bears from apartments, lions from city streets, bats from swimming pools, pythons from workshops, and cougars from backyards. He has met, and rescued, alligators from local rivers, farm ponds, pet stores and basements. He has raised a Bengal tiger and has mothered wolves.
Yet Wild Times, a collection of his wildest "suburban safaris", wasn’t written to compete with reality TV. The stories are hair-raising, and sometimes frightening. But Tim’s goal is to let people know of the growing chance that they’ll be coming across an exotic or local wild animal as their population increases in suburbs across the country.
Harrison is a twenty-year veteran police officer, firefighter, and EMT-paramedic for the City of Oakwood in Montgomery County, Ohio. His popular speaking programs are legendary. Finally, he’s wrestled his stories between the covers of a book.

$15.00 +S&H

What would you do if a ten-foot Albino Burmese Python slithered out from behind your toilet--while you were sitting on it? Or if a supposedly "tame" cougar escaped and ran, scared and angry, through your neighborhood? Or if a former pet wolf snatched hot dogs off your campground picnic table?

Tim Harrison's latest book, Wildlife Warrior: More Tales Of Suburban Safaris, shows how the ignorance of those who own exotic animals and the fear of the general population leads to wild encounters that are often fatal--for both humans and the animals.

Self-proclaimed "Wildlife Warrior" and animal activist, Harrison sees almost daily what most popular animal shows fail to mention. His chilling and sad experiences, while rescuing exotic animals from misguided exotic pet owners, have led him on a crusade to educate people about the foolishness of trying to own inherently wild creatures.

The Elephant in the Living Room Blu-Ray

$15.00 +S&H

Since this award-winning documentary film by Michael Webber first came to the screen, Black Pine Animal Sanctuary has deemed this a MUST SEE for everyone and anyone who cares about the welfare of captive-raised exotic animals, especially those that are products of the pet trade in America.  This full-length documentary film looks inside the controversial world of exotic animal ownership within the suburbs of the United States, offering a glimpse into the subculture of trading and raising the most deadly and exotic animals in the world as common household pets.  The film features author and retired public safety officer Tim Harrison, a supporter and colleague to Black Pine who has helped change lives, including those of many residents now living at Black Pine.

100% of the proceeds of purchase directly benefit Black Pine!

2014 benefit calendar

$18.00 +S&H

Enjoy 12 full-color images of the resident big cats, bears, and other animals that are enjoying refuge for the REST of their lives at Black Pine! This wall calendar is in full color, printed on high-quality heavy gloss stock, complete with special events already pre-printed on each month to remind you of what's coming up at Black Pine!

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