This mid-size flightless bird is native to Australia, and is called an 'Emu', pronounced "EE-mew".

With a brain the size of a pea, this is a pretty amazing bird.  Although it cannot fly, it can reach ground speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

The emu, as well as it's American cousin, the rhea, and it's relative, the African ostrich, is a valued animal in the marketplace. Today, these birds are raised for their meat, feathers, and skin (or leather).  The emu also emits a valuable oil from it's skin, called 'emu oil' that is used as a base for many cosmetic and other skin products.  Black Pine "Pecky" was formerly owned by an emu farmer who wanted a permanent refuge for his bird when he quit the business.

Visitors to Black Pine often marvel at the unusual bass vocal sound this large creature makes.  Various leafy plants, fruits, vegetables, and grain make up their diet.  A little flaxseed each day helps the bird maintain beautiful, plush feathers, and with bright amber eyes and a bluish skin tone near the head, the bird is quite striking.