Feeding Tours

Black Pine's popular guided Feeding Tours have been the source of many memories for visitors since the early days.  These tours offer the extraordinary opportunity to meet senior keepers and tag along as they introduce visitors to the animal residents, share their personal stories, and feed many of the carnivores their daily ration of meat.  Feeding Tours are generally scheduled every Saturday and Sunday from May through October beginning at 3:00 p.m., as well as select holidays.  (Schedules are subject to change.  Consult the Tour Schedule calendar.)

When the feeding tour begins, all visitors are joined into a single group to explore the facility.  This walking tour features introductions to parrots, primates, reptiles, carnivores, and more and lasts about 90 minutes, capped with the chance to see keepers feed the leopards, bobcats, lions, tigers, bears, and wolves.  There will still be time following the tour to enjoy the pasture animals, too!

Because this tour starts later in the day and requires the group to remain together (no guests are allowed to wander the grounds while the feeding tour is in progress), and it can include some graphic food content (carcass feedings to carnivores, for example), it is not recommended for very young children.