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Top Cat and MillieTop Cat and Millie Await a Permanent Habitat

In September 2013 two more tigers, our tenth and eleventh in residence, arrived.  Top Cat and Millie were surrendered from a small unaccredited zoo in Ohio.  These cats were originally kept as back yard pets by a private owner in Michigan.  Top Cat is a three-year-old Sumatran tiger.  Millie is a three-year-old Indo-Chinese tiger.

Top Cat and Millie will remain in a temporary holding area (in photo) until the $30,000 fund raising goal is reached to complete two additional indoor den spaces and two new outdoor habitats with pools.  This construction project will add capacity to the existing tiger den building that was completed in August 2013 (see below) , making it possible to ultimately house up to eight big cats in the new building.  Consider a gift to the Ohio Tiger Relief Fund.  Let's give these young, active cats a wonderful "forever" home!


With the help of hundreds of supporters, we completed the first phase of an all-new big cat habitat that now houses Taz, Ticha and Delilah, three tigers given refuge for the REST of their lives when surrendered by owners in Ohio in October 2012.

Ashland, Ohio Rescue Center Closes

Four Tigers Come to BPAS

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary was contacted by Denise and Jose Flores, owners of Tiger Paw Exotic Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in early 2012 as legislators in Ohio were listening to a bitter debate unfold between exotic animal owners and advocates who supported more strict regulations in a state that had no laws.  After Tiger Paw successfully relocated all but four remaining tigers to some of the finest sanctuaries in the nation, the costs of compliance have proven too much, making it impossible to fulfill their hopes of keeping Sammie, Delilah, Taz and Ticha.

Black Pine has kicked off a major fund raising campaign to help offset the costs of providing these four tigers a new forever home!  We need your help to reach a goal of $50,000 to help cover the costs building new habitats, food, bedding, and more for the cats.  Veterinary care and transportation costs were made possible by a generous donation by the International Fund for Animals Welfare (IFAW).  Now we need your help to build their new, permanent habitats!

Download a mail-in donation form here.

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Click here to view a video history of the Ohio Exotic Animal Regulations & Restrictions

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