Honduran Milk ("King") Snake

Commonly known as a Honduran milk snake, the "king snake" is one of the largest milk snakes.  These snakes are hatched from eggs and are not venomous.  The Honduran milk snake's colors resemble that of the venomous coral snake. 

A number of different "color morphs", or color combinations, occur in the milk snake species, and they are frequently bred in captivity to produce specific colorations popular to exotic pet owners.

"Ringo" was a privately owned exotic pet for many years.  When his owner had to relocate he was not able to keep the snakes in his new apartment, so Black Pine adopted Ringo, and "Cujo", a black rat snake.

Thousands of pet snakes become displaced each year and need refuge, for a variety of reasons.  Some snakes are more aggressive than their owners had hoped.  Some simply have lived longer than their owner's interest lasted.  Honduran milk snakes can live 15 to 20 years in captivity, so keeping one as a pet requires a long-term commitment.