Red-footed Tortoise

In Brazil they are known as "jabuti".  In Venezuela they are called "morrocoy".  The red-footed tortoise is native to South America and a popular exotic "pet" in other parts of the world.  Due to overhunting by man, habitat loss, and the exotic pet trade, the red-footed tortoise is now a protected species.  It cannot be exported without a permit from native lands.

Red-footed tortoises are so-called because of the red scales found on their legs and feet.  They are a medium sized tortoise, reaching about 12" to 16" in length when full grown.  Males will develop an "hourglass" shape at adulthood and typically have a longer, thicker tail than females.

"Footloose" (at right, and right in photo below) was destined to become an exotic pet, however due to a malformed back leg the pet store looking to sell him was forced to give him away instead.  Their "perfect pet" policy prevented them from selling Footloose, so an employee cared for him until he outgrew a small aquarium.  Black Pine adopted Footloose in 2008 and will care for him for the remainder of his life.

"Haley" (at left in photo below) arrived in December 2014, surrendered from a family who could not provide enough space or enrichment for her to thrive.  She and Footloose were slowly introduced to each other, and are living a comfortable life at Black Pine.  Haylee & Footloose