"Nala" Memorial Staff Fund

Nala, African lionessEffective June 6, 2013, gifts designated in memory of "Nala", our beloved lioness that passed away on June 5, 2013 just shy of her 19th birthday due to cancer, will be designated to help sustain funds to employ paid animal caregivers on our staff.

Meshell Schloss, one of Black Pine's strongest supporters and dedicated animal advocates, stepped up again in 2013 by matching the first $5,000 donated in Nala's memory.  This designated fund will help ensure Black Pine can continue to provide excellent care to displaced, captive-raised animals in need. Black Pine operates with just 2.5 paid staff positions and with the growing animal population (we have added 22 animals in just two years) comes the need to ensure sustainable qualified, experienced staff to tend to their needs, while continuing to manage many other aspects of the sanctuary.

For your donation to be earmarked specifically for the purpose of paying wages to qualilfied, paid animal caregivers, please be sure to designate it to the "Nala Memorial Staff Fund."

Mail your donation to:

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary
P.O. Box 02
Albion, IN 46701

You may also donate securely online by clicking the button below and selecting the "Nala" Memorial Staff Fund.  Thank you!

InfoBox - Ostrich

Status:  Least concern.

Diet in wild:  Plants.

Life span in wild:  up to 75 years.

Weight:  300 to 400 pounds.

Native habitat:  Africa.